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LEGO BIONICLE MOC Kory The Golden Warrior Toa Custom

LEGO BIONICLE MOC Karv, the Wraithknight Toa Varp 3rd Season; Custom; How To Build

(Перезалив, Оригинальное качество)

Building Bionicle Mocs and writing

Baddies for my next STOPMOTION!

Lego Bionicle MOC - DYX

Hello and here is a new moc review im sorry i have not been uploading i didn't have any new content pre filmed to up onto the ...

Lego Bionicle MOC Rofer, the Dreadwarrior Toa Varp project Custom How to build

(Перезалив, Оригинальное качество)

Bionicle Inspiration Series Ep 116 Toa

Toa are pretty rad, so is this episode. Yoooooooooo! Custom torso instructions: ...

BIONICLE MOC: Warrior Toa of Water (Воительница Тоа Воды).

Hey. The year is 2021. And, as it were, slowly. I start to revive the channel. This MOC has been made since 2018. What can we ...

The Gnagly Brothers: Bionicle MOC RE-Review

Hey ya'll, we're finally back with a brand new MOC review... well, kinda. Yeah it's not something new, but I wanted to test out the ...

BIONICLE | Tuyet, The Tyrant | Georidge Archives #5 | MOC SLIDESHOW

Welcome back to Georidge Archives! This time it's for Toa Tuyet, the last surviving member of the Toa Mangai. Ever since the ...


bionicle #stopmotion #bionicverzum New Lewa.

MOC Showcase: Roodaka(revamp V3)

Here we are with the other video I promised this month , enjoy! Previous versions, so you can see how much she evolved: ...

Lego Bionicle MOC review: Phantoka Pohatu / The M.B.B.S.

Enlightened_Goat's discord: Enlightened_Goat#8670 Instagram: Tumblr: ...

Gyradon (Lego Bionicle MOC Slideshow)

a Fierce warrior with a sense of justice and unity wielding his blade with the skills of a fellow knight.

Bionicle MOC Review: SOA Agent

For Toa Nater's SOA Agent MOC contest.

Bionicle MOC - Fieradah: Warrior of the Flame (WIP)

Dude looks like a lady... oh it is a lady? Oh. This is currently a work in progress, but I figured I might as well give you guys ...

Lego Bionicle MOC Showcase: Jaller

Hello fellow compatriots to yet another video! I know it has been a while but I have finally got another build done for you, and this ...

Bionicle oketra the true moc build

Bionicle oketra the true moc build.